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Monday, February 20, 2006

Sign for Over-acid Stomach (brown iris)

The light brown 'halo' around the pupil indicates an over-acid stomach in this third over-exposure of a dark brown iris. According to Dr. Bernard Jensen (personal communication, 1997) very, very few people have a true over-acid stomach; and those with stomach ulcers typically have an under-acid stomach.

In this particular instance, the over-acid stomach sign was most probably a result of the client drinking in excess of three liters of dilute phosphoric acid (soda pop) per day while he was painting houses in the summer.

The 3-4 concentric circles indicate stress to the nervous system, possibly as a result of the leaching of calcium and magnesium in an effort to buffer the massive quantities of phosphoric acid ingested. (In such instances, it would be recommended that the client have his or her doctor test for an electrolyte imbalance.)

Although there has not been any follow-up since the taking of this picture, it is assumed that the over-acid stomach sign resolved once the client began drinking water rather than soda pop.


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