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Monday, February 20, 2006

Diagnosis: Breast (sic!) Cancer (Fatal)

Client presented with a very recently diagnosed 'aggressive' breast cancer and breast removal; expired approximately 3-4 months after the taking of this picture.

This is the fourth over-exposure of a dark brown right iris revealing a chronic lesion in the rib area (8:06-8:30 o'clock, .5R) and, perhaps, an acute (inflammation) sign (white area immediately superior to red-brown chronic dot lesion) in the breast area. (Such acute signs also appear in the irises of 13 year old girls, where they signify not inflammation, but the rapid growth of breast tissue; and in the irises of nursing mothers, indicating increased tissue activity.) Possible acute sign and/or faint "lymphatic rosary" through the pleural space (8:54-9:00 o'clock, .6-.8R), suggesting lymphatic involvment and either a clinical or sub-clinical 'pleural friction rub'.) There is no 'classic' sign for breast cancer (Bernard Jensen, 1952); nor is there any clear evidence of significant breast involvement with a degenerative disease process.

Client had been taking birth control pills (with progestin and estradiol--phonetically, estra-DIE-all) for more than 17 years; had complained to her doctor for more than a year of significant pain in her right rib area, but had been unable to convince him to do additional testing other than an X-ray, which was read as 'normal'.


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