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Monday, February 20, 2006

'Sub-acute Inflammation' (Under-acid stomach) in a Smoker

Although difficult to see in the uploaded image, this is what an under-acid stomach looks like in the iris of a smoker: the light blue-gray 'halo' around the pupil tinged with discoloration.

Client reported digestive problems, especially with proteins, as well as very bad breath.

Blue tinge across the upper edge of the iris indicates hypoxia (diminished oxygenation) to the brain. Hypoxia may result from either decreased circulation, decreased hemoglobin, or decreased 'carrying capacity' of the hemoglobin. Inasmuch as this client does not have the classic sign for hardening of the arteries, and the hemoglobin number is unkown, the hypoxia to the brain is probably the result of smoking--i.e., the level of carboxyhemoglobin--which can be determined by a test ordered by a doctor.


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